Ship 6

Portuguese Passenger Ship List

Bark Fredonia from Fayal Aug 29, 1866

......all pasengers listed from Azores

Extracted by Kathy Cardoza

Note: This ship arrived at Boston. The passenger's destination was simply given as "United States". Although I did my best, some of the names, were very hard to read and a few, were unreadable.

Name Age M/F Occupation
Frenas Gelute de Roza 34 m mariner
? Conseia 32 m mariner
Francisco Rodrigues 11 m none
Joao Martin 11 m none
Antonio Foleses 44 m none
Guimnu Flores 35 f none
Rosa Flores 26 f none
Lynora Joaquin 27 f none
Roza Folosinda 23 f none
Bernardo Delfina 38 f none
Maria Emelia 36 f none
Maria Joaquina 18 f none
Joaquina Roza 28 f none
Filomena Delfina 16 f none
Emelia Jacintha 27 f none
Roza Dias Angos 18 f none
Maria de Vargas 27 f none
Maria Jacintha 33 f none
Antonia de Roza 6 f none
Filomena do Roza 5 f none
Roza da Roza 1 f none
Maria de Len 15 f none
Maria Maguella 8 f none
Maria Lonanna 12 f none
Constancia de Silva 20 f none
Rozalina Candida 25 f none
Maria da Silvara 34 f none
Madalina Luisa 36 f none
Anna Luisa 26 f none
Macahina Graddina 23 f none
Marianna Isabella 22 f none
Amelia Magasida 26 f none
Rosa Emilia 24 f none
Francisca Joaquina 33 f none
Rosa E. Betencurta 26 f none
Josepha Rosa 38 f none
Rosa de Jesus 32 f none
Anna Emilia 18 f none

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