Portuguese Passenger Ship List

SS Dominique ........ Flores to Boston 7 Aug 1866

... all passengers listed being from Portugal

Extracted by Kathy Cardoza

 Note: This ship arrived at Boston. The passenger's destination was simply given as "United States". Although I did my best, some of the names, were very hard to read and a few, were unreadable.

Name Age M/F Occupation
John Tevshara 18 m farmer
Manuel Semmas 16 m farmer
Jose Silveira Souza 18 m farmer
Andreu Perreira 17 m farmer
Alex. Joze 18 m farmer
John de Quadnas 82 m farmer
Joze de Quadnas 18 m farmer
Manuel Francisco 18 m farmer
Antonio S. Perreira 19 m farmer
Antonio F. Silveira 29 m farmer
Francisco Silveira 20 m farmer
Joachim Courior 20 m farmer
Joze S. Betancourt 19 m farmer
Antonio S. Betancourt 18 m farmer
Francisco Forestinen 20 m farmer
Manuel S. Leonard 17 m farmer
Antonio de Matras 17 m farmer
Joze S. M. Betancourt 30 m farmer
Manuel V. Silveira 18 m farmer
Joao Battista 20 m farmer
Francisco S. Betancourt 18 m farmer
Eelosme Joachim 25 m farmer
John Joze 10 m farmer
Son Juan 4 m farmer
Joze Machado 16 m farmer
Joze Antonio Moreno 17 m farmer
Francisco Rosario 16 m farmer
Antonio Luiz 25 m farmer
John Davilla 20 m farmer
Francisco Joze 22 m farmer
Manuel Davilla 22 m farmer
Joze Tersharn 18 m farmer
Manuel F. Terra 20 m farmer
Joze A. de Souza 15 m farmer
Manuel Joze Souza 18 m farmer
John Enos de Souza 17 m farmer
Manuel Soubrina 16 m farmer
Joze Lucus 15 m farmer
Manuel Machado 17 m farmer
Manuel Cudrdo 16 m farmer
Antonio Assenera 16 m farmer
Joao Francisco 17 m farmer
Manuel Souza 15 m farmer
Manuel F. Machado 17 m farmer
Joaquim Ferreira 16 m farmer
Manuel S. Brazil 16 m farmer
Joze Souza Mossarie 18 m farmer
Manoel Joaquim Dias 18 m farmer
Manoel Coelho 17 m farmer
Antonio Alves 18 m farmer
Manuel Trinidade 18 m farmer
John Joze 12 m farmer
Manuel de Sass 17 m farmer
Manuel Pintura 16 m farmer
Antonio Burgess 16 m farmer
Joze S. Betancourt 25 m farmer
Manuel Brazil 15 m farmer
Manuel M. Gill 16 m farmer
Joze Massarie 15 m farmer
Manuel Betancourt 18 m farmer
Manuel Enos Pimentel 18 m farmer
Domingo Betancourt 20 m farmer
Manuel Antonio Rosa 20 m farmer
Jorge Silveira 20 m farmer
Joze Tershara Costa 16 m farmer
Manuel Silveira 17 m farmer
Manuel Siqueira 20 m farmer
Antonio Victorino 18 m farmer
Manuel Tershara 18 m farmer
Antonio Euira 19 m farmer
Manuel Souza Nouns 18 m farmer
Geo. Carvo 6 m farmer
Joze Carvo 5 m farmer
Joze Joaquim 29 m farmer
Joze Carvalho Noia 26 m farmer
Joze Coelho 11 m farmer
Manuel Francisco 12 m farmer
Geraldo Coelho 2y6m m frmer
Manuel Coelho 1 m farmer
Antonio Pimentel 25 m farmer
Manuel Pimrntel 25 m farmer
Freqenque Jacintho 12 m farmer
Francisco Antonio Noia 25 m farmer
Manuel Enos 17 m farmer
Vintura Joze Dias 26 m farmer
Lucas Xeviar 20 m farmer
Antonio Joze Coelho 20 m farmer
Joze Antonio Coelho 11 m farmer
Francisco Coelho Ramos 24 m farmer
Antonio Joze Serpa 20 m farmer
Francisco Joze 5 m farmer
Joze Victorino 16 m farmer
Manuel Jose Boes 54 m farmer
Manuel Joaquim Fugar Dias 24 m farmer
Antonio F. Dias 30 m none
Caitano Marsaleno 21 m none
Joze Frates Fragar 20 m none
Francisco Frates Pimentel 20 m none
Joze Maria 20 m none
John Roderick 35 m mariner
Joaquim Perreira 35 m mariner
Jus Blood 20 m mariner
Joze Antonio Sequeiro 45 m mariner
Joseph Souza 40 m mariner
Manuel Silva 36 m mariner
John Silva 36 m mariner
John Cayes 45 m mariner
Manuel Silva 34 m mariner
Mathew Silva 30 m mariner
John Battiste 30 m mariner
Joseph Williams 27 m mariner
Joseph Brown 38 m mariner
Antonio Joseph 38 m mariner
Frank Silva 30 m mariner
Thos Mento 31 m mariner
Joseph Brownell 29 m mariner
Joze Vieira 40 m mariner
Manuel Machado Frates 41 m mariner
Antonio Joseph Rodrigues 30 m mariner
John Mello 41 m mariner
Francisco Antonio Coelho 25 m mariner
John Furtado Noia 36 m mariner
Amaro F. Barcellos 23 m mariner
Manuel Mendonca 45 m mariner
Domingos Antonio Coelho 37 m mariner
Joseph Coelho 40 m mariner
Augustinho Joze Coelho 43 m mariner
Joseph Silva 24 m mariner
Francisco Frates Riameo 38 m mariner
Joseph ?raves 23 m mariner
Joze Antonio Noia 40 m mariner
Joze Grande 36 m mariner
John Furtado 30 m mariner
Joze Souza 30 m mariner
Francisco Ramos 25 m mariner
John Joze Coelho 41 m mariner
Manuel L. Bisho 28 m mariner
Joze S. Souza 16 m mariner
Eiraldo Jacintha 3 m mariner
Maria de Jesus 20 f none
Maria Eugenia 30 f none
Anna Margarida 30 f none
Isabella de Souza 20 f none
Anna de Jesus 40 f none
Rita de Jesus 42 f none
Francisco Luiza 44 f none
Catherina Jacintha 29 f none
Maria Luiza 41 f none
Maria Luiza 13 f none
Philomena Joze 11 f none
Anna Joze 9y6m f none
Anna Jacinto 48 f none
Julia Jacinto 17 f none
Anna de Jesus 30 f none
Maria Isabella 3 f none
Isabella Luiza 5m f none
Anna de Jesus 50 f none
Droya Thomasia 25 f none
Maria Jesus 23 f none
Margarita Luiza 32 f none
Anna de Jesus 23 f none
Maria de Jesus 17 f none
Philomena de Jesus 14 f none
Polecena de Jesus 9 f none
Maria Joze 17 f none
Anna Joaquim 56 f none
Maria Jesus Filomena 40 f none
Maria Luiza 48 f none
Emelia Luiza 14 f none
Margarita Jesus 40 f none
Maria Lorenco 17 f none
Maria Margarida 30 f none
Anna Joaquim Cardoza 20 f none
Roza de Jesus 32 f none
Anna de Jesus 17 f none
Maria Luiza 22 f none
Anna de Jesus 32 f none
Carolina de Jesus 11 f none
Carolina Maria Julia 9 f none
Anna Joaquina 15 f none
Isaella Ignacia 20 f none
Roza Joaquim 22 f none
Maria Jesus 28 f none
Maria Machado 33 f none
Carolina Delvina 18 f none
Anna Souza 17 f none
Mary Cayes 18 f none
Anna Souza de Rosa 22 f none
Anna Josepha 20 f none
Mariana Amelia 40 f none
Polcena Joze de Jesus 20 f none
Maria Josepha 16 f none
Rosa Silva 30 f none
Mary Silva 1y5m f none
Mary Violante 22 f none
Maria Joaquim 55 f none
Isabella Margarida Frates 26 f none
Rosa Candida 23 f none
Manuel de Silva none none not stated
? Joachim none none not stated


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