Portuguese Passenger Ship List

Brig Evanista to Fayal, July 5, 1866 to Boston

...all passengers listed from Azores

Extracted by Kathy Cardoza

Note: This ship arrived at Boston. The passenger's destination was simply given as "United States". Although I did my best, some of the names, were very hard to read and a few, were unreadable.

Name Age M/F Occupation
Maria Francisco 31 f none
Anna Thereza 30 f none
Liyricino Joaquin 32 m mariner
Maria Oliveira 20 f none
Antonio S. Aze 29 m mariner
Joao Antonio 47 m none
Anna F. de Jesus 40 f none
Maria do Felna 14 f none
Francisco Garcia 23 m mariner
Manoel L. Buene 18 m mariner
Manoel Jose 16 m mariner
Maria Josefa 29 f none
Antonio Jose Calilho 32 m mariner
Francisco F. Dias 32 m mariner
Manoel ? 48 m mariner
Jose de Brazus 34 m mariner
Joao Jose de Simias 38 m mariner
Maria de Jesus Sabrins 17 f none
Maria Izabel 43 f none
Maria Victoria 17 f none
Anna de Conceicao 17 f none
Maria Joaquina 52 f none
Hauana y Mesquita 34 f none
Jose Machado 16 m mariner
Emelia Carolina 17 f none
Manoel Lorrenco 28 m mariner
Maria de Jesus 18 f none
Amiado Cursersao 46 m mariner
Maria Luiza 48 f none
Maria Margarida 18 f none
Antonio Bernardo 27 m mariner
Antonio L. Dias 21 m mariner
Francisco C. Felix 26 m mariner
Roza de A. Devino 39 f none
Maria F. Grande 23 f none
Maria de Jesus 23 f none
Roza Filha 10 f none
Maria Filha 9 f none
Jose Mueido 28 m mariner
Manoel Jose 9m m none
Maria de Amelia 22 f none
Maria 27 f none
Maria Joanna 20 f none
Maria y Coracos 27 f none
Maria de C 40 f none
Francisco de Roza 37 m mariner
Jose P. Belchir 38 m none
Maria Izabel 17 f none
Anna Maria 20 f none
Jose Fellisre 66 m mariner
Rosa L. Corasao 36 f none
Maria Magdalena 40 f none
Isabel Emelia 24 m mariner
Jose M. Faria 57 m mariner
Maria Isabel 57 f none
Maria 31 f none
Geromina Leopolanino 25 m none
Emelio Adelaide 23 f none
Francisca 16 f none
Pulgueia Luiza 40 f none
Luiza Constancia 72 f none
Marianna de Conceicao 23 f none
Antonio Gomes 21 m laborer
Jose A de Mello 29 m laorer
Julia M. Peixato 24 f none
Francisco de Brum 21 m laborer
Horinda Jose 29 m none
Emelia Constancia 29 f none
Francisco Lobrincio 16 m farmer
Canelata Luiza 46 f none
Maria Carolina 27 f none
Manoel Garcia 24 m none
Louiza M. Garcia 20 m mariner
Francisco G. Golarto 21 m mariner
Francisco Geretha 31 m mariner
Roza Maria 40 f none
Jose D. Faria 24 f none
Maria Isabel Conceicao 20 f none
Francisca Heveina 16 f none
Joaquinna Rosa 26 f none
Marianna Josefa 31 f none
Anna Joaquina 40 f none
Francisco G. Lial 56 m mariner
Micola Francisco 40 m mariner
Antonio Rosa 28 m mariner
Alberto Silveira 44 m mariner
Jose B. Golarte 38 m mariner
F. P. Cardoza 34 m mariner

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