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Porto Santo



Genealogists researching in the parish of Nossa Senhora da Piedade:

Darlene Creuzer, 2039 Fairgrounds Rd., St. Croix Falls, Wisconsin 54024-8124
Email: dar.creuzer@gmail.com
Date updated: Fri, 19 Aug 2005
Surnames: Delfina Escorcio de Brito, Norberta Margarida da Camara, Manuel Gaspar Drummond, Manuel Antonio Fernandes, Maria Pestana de Vasconcelos.
Comments: Not quite sure if Manuel Antonio Fernandes was from Porto Santo. Just know he came from Portugal to Hawaii around 1883 and married Maria Pestana de Vasconcilos in Hawaii, the big Island. They lived in Hilea, Kau, for three years then moved to Honolulu, Hawaii. Manuel Gaspar Drummond came form Porto Santo being born in 1841 and after moving to Hawaii used the Gaspar name , dropping the Drummond name. He died 1-18-1933. He worked in the sugar cane fields. His parents were Gaspar-do-O Drummond married to Joana de Vasconcelos and his grandparents were Joao Luis Drummond and Antonia de Vasconcelos. Maria Pestana de Vasconcellos was born 1844 in Porto Santo. In Hawaii she worked as a seamstress and governess for the Waterhouse and Wilcox families. Maria's parents were Lt. Joao Pestana de Vasconcelos and D. Norberta Margarida da Camara and her grandparents were Antonoi Teixeira de Vasconcelos married to Delfina Escorcio de Brito. I don't have some of the names of children of these families.

Richard Brazil, 4308 Olive Hill Road, Fallbrook, CA 92028
Email: rhbrazil@sdcoe.k12.ca.us
Date submitted: before 1998
Surnames: d'Ornellas, de Jesus, de Freitas, de Vasconcellos, deSousa
Comments: My grandfather, Pedro Ornellas, was born in May 1881, in Porto Santo, Medeira Islands. He sailed from Medeira to New York then to Honolulu, Hawaii aboard the ship SS Swanley #4994, arriving on December 12, 1909. He sailed with his wife Maria Da Monte Ornellas and five children: Rachel, Maria, Antonio, Joao, and Pedro. He worked at the Ewa Sugar Plantation until his contract was satisfied, then began his dairy business. Anyone can help me find out more about the family, please contact me by email. Thanks.

Anthony M. Jose, 15588 Corte Enrico, San Lorenzo, CA (Alameda) 94580-1461
Email: anthonyjose@Worldnet.att.net
Surnames: Meneze (Meneses), Texeira, Drummond, Vasconcellos, Velosa (Veloza).

William Selden, Jr., 204 Quail Run Road, Aptos, California, 95003, USA
Email: WillSelden2@aol.com
Date submitted: Thu, 28 Jun 2001
Surname: Saldanha
Comments: I am researching any family members living in Portugal or elsewhere. My grandfather, Manuel Saldanha was born on January 29, 1905, Porto Santo, Madeira Is., Portugal. He immigrated to the United States along with his parents and family by way of ship SS Swanley that arrived at Hawaii on December 14, 1909. He married Clara Signe Fossen, born October 24, 1934 at Edmore North Dakota. He subsequently changed his surname to Selden at Oakland California on November 24, 1936. Manuel and Clara had 5 children, Barbara, Steve, William, Richard, and Susan. William L. Selden is my father, born January 28, 1944 at Oakland, California. I was born William L. Selden, Jr. on August 28, 1962 at Santa Cruz, California. My Son William L. Selden III was born on August 4, 2000 at Santa Cruz, California. Any relatives to Manuel Saldanha living please contact me.

Candida Woodruff (no address submitted)
Email: funchal@aci.on.ca
Date submitted: 9 Feb 2009
Surnames: Vasconcelos, Reynolds / Reinolds
Comments: My father’s side of the family was from Porto Santo.   His grandfather was born in Porto Santo, Madeira and his name was Julio Antonio de Vasconcelos   He married Maria Valeriana Reynolds or Reinolds something like that.  They had three sons  Julio Jr. de Vasconcelos, Manuel de Vasconcelos and Jose de Vasconcelos  when they were already living in the main island of Madeira.

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