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Genealogists researching in Goa:

Eric Marcel D'Mellow, König-Karl-Straße 37, 70372 Stuttgart, Germany
Tel.: +49 (0)711 56 94 21
Email: Eric@deMello.de
Web page: http://www.deMello.de/
Date submitted: Sun, 21 Apr 2002
Surnames: de Mello (also spelt D'Mello[w] in British India), Rosario de Mello, de Albuquerque, Alencastre (also known as Lancaster), Abdul, Cattermole, de Santos, Fraga
Comments: Comments: My great grandfather Justino Sant'Anna Rosario de Mello born in Portuguese Goa went to Hawaii some time in the 1880's. My grandfather Bonaventura Maximiano de Mello was raised in Portuguese Goa by the Jesuit Priest and stayed in the Indian Continent. I know that the descendants of my grandfather's brother Justin Manuel de Mello and all of their half brothers and sisters are still living on Hawaii. There is a short bio in the book "Portuguese Hawaiian Memories" about Justin Manuel de Mello.

Fleur Freitas D'Costa, c/o Teresa Freitas, Freitas Vaddo, Verla, Parra, Bardez Goa, Goa, India
Email: fdcosta@bigfoot.com, fdcosta@SoftHome.net
Web page: http://www.geocities.com/Paris/Lights/3058
Date submitted: Fri, 03 Sep 1999
Surnames: Freitas, Rebello
Comments: I was born Fleur Freitas to Lawrence Anselm Freitas of Freitas Vaddo in Parra, Goa and Stella Pereira of Siolim, Goa. My parents lived in Poona and we went to Goa for the summer holidays every year where we have property. My Grandfather's name was Diogo Freitas. I do not remember my grandmother's name... both paternal grandparents died before I was born. My father had 2 brothers : Joe and another whose name I can't recall at the moment - he had 5 sons by his wife Mary. Of these, Victor is the only one that I met. The family lived (and still lives) in Nagpur. I met neither of my uncles as both lived in other states of the country. My father also had 3 sisters: Grace (who died young), Bella the eldest sister died in Goa and Teresa the youngest of the siblings who still lives in the family home in Parra, Goa. My mother had two sisters - Ruby Almeida and Olive Pereira, both live currently in Siolim, Goa. She also had two brothers - James and Felix, both are now dead. James had one daughter - Bernice, currently in Bombay. That's as much as I can remember without getting back to my mom to find out if she has more details. Thanks and regards.

Francis Xavier Madeira, United Kingdom
Email: madeira@globalnet.co.uk
Date submitted: Sun, 7 Mar 1999
Comments: I would be very interested in a section on Portuguese names originating in Goa. I have had a fair amount of difficulty trying to research my own name (Madeira) because I don't quite know how to research the Goan side of my family, which is now dispersed around England, East Africa, Canada, Portugal, Goa as far as I know. Have you any interest (or access to data on) this valuable resource? I would be pleased to hear from you, and happy to help in some way. Regards

Macbeth Douglas Arez Newman
Address in Goa: Chruch Street, Alto Porvorim, Bardez, Goa, India 403521
Address in Singapore: Blk 15, #09-2831, Eunos Crescent, Singapore 400015
Goa, India Home Phone: 91-832-217871
Singapore Home Phone: 65-3540904 Office phone: 65-3342177
Email: unoho@hotmail.com
Web page: http://home.pacific.net.sg/~intech01
Date submitted: Fri, 04 Sep 1998
Comments: Hello there! My name is Macbeth Douglas Arez Newman, I am from Goa, India. (Arez is my mothers' maiden surname, Newman is my fathers' surname). My grandfathers full name is Luis Francisco Zavier Arez born in the village of Santa Cruz on 6th December 1896. His fathers' name is Salvadore Martins Arez and his wifes' maiden name is Maria Anglica Dias. If anybody feels they are related to us please email me. I been trying to figure my ancestry for a long time. Thanks.

Paulo Messias Pedrassoli, (no address submitted)
Email: eanswide@hotmail.com
Date submitted: Sun, 21 Apr 2002
Name researched: Dr. Antonio Francisco Pais
Comments: Seeking descendants of Dr. Antonio Francisco Pais graduated as a medical doctor in Sangoldá, Bardez,Goa (former portuguese colony) 7th Oct 1854 and emigrated to Brazil soon after. Any info please e-mail me.



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Roque Barretto, 50 Bloomfield St., Apt 301, Hoboken, NJ 07030, USA
Email: roque_b@hotmail.com
Date submitted: Mon, 10 Jun 2002
Surnames: Barretto, Dias
Comments: My anscestors are from Goa, India.

Jay Barnabas Pereira, London, England
email: jaybird18uk@aol.com
Date submited: Sun, 19 May 2002
Surnames: De Souza, Fernandes, Lopez, Miranda, Netto, Pereira, Pinto, Rozario, Reibero, Sacramento, Xaxier
Comments: I'm Living in London have been here most of my Life. My family were originaly From Kerela in India!!! I Think they Migrated to Kerala From GOA Which was a Portuguese Coloney in ASIA for 500 years. Im tryin to search for my Portuguese Ancestry and would deeply apriciate some help. In my community In India The people we married e.t.c were all of Portuguese Names, which came across in our community in KERALA in the Capital Trivandrum District.

Alan Richard Perreiah, 182 Jesselin Drive, Lexington, Kentucky 40503, USA
Email: pera@uky.edu
Date submitted: Tue 15 July 2003
Surnames: De Souza, Perria
Comments: Greetings. My name is Alan Perreiah. My father's family immigrated to Southern California (San Pedro) in 1913 from Bow, (East London, England). The spelling of my surname was changed in the 1860's from "Perria". Recently, I learned from the 1880 British Census that my gg-grandfather was born in Goa, India in 1828 or 1829. His birth name was "Mariano De Souza" (possibly, Carlos Mariano De Souza). His parents died when he was quite young and he was adopted and raised by his older sister, Anna who was married to a man named Perria. The young boy took his adoptive parents' name. Eventually, he immigrated to England where he married Sarah Elizabeth Downs (who changed the spelling of the name) and where he was a hotel cook and developed a small curry spice business. I have a label that describes him and his son as "Indian cooks." Family lore has it that his father was born in Portugal, and both his natural and his adoptive fathers were in the shipping business, but I do not know where in Portugal these people were from. It is possible that my gg-grandfather spent some of his youth in Portugal. I would appreciate any communication with persons who may have come across the above surnames (De Souza, Perria) in their research or who might suggest useful sources for me to pursue. Thank you for your help. Alan Perreiah

Tony Mendonca, 10a, Bennett Street, Christchurch.5, New Zealand
Email: mendonca@xtra.co.nz
Date submitted: Sat, 7 Aug 2004
Comments: Lazarus Mendonca was born in Anjuna, Goa on the 26 June 1875. I believe he was a Doctor and owned some land. He married and lived in Karachi for some 15 years, when he left his wife and three sons and went back to Goa. His wife, Sabina (Vas) was also born in Anjuna on the 29th. August 1880 and lived in Karachi till her death in December 1956. Would appreciate any help or information about them. Many thanks!

Sally Slade, 7 Oakfield Rd, Matfield, Kent UK TN12 7LB
Email: sallyslade36@aol.com
Date updated: Sat 2 Sep 2006
Village; unknown although links with Cochin, Travancore and Bombay
Surnames: Moniz, de Braga, Brigida, Fleury, Dart, Walker
Comments: My grandmother’s family were in India for several generations. On her maternal side, male Hoogewerfs married Brigida and Fleury ladies. My Great Great Grandmother was Violanta Hoogewerf, daughter of Judge Alexander Hoogewerf of Travancore, who m. Hall Mellville Walker in the mid / late 1800s. They had Elsie and Oscar. We are pretty well-informed on this side of the family but any more is always welcome! Elsie (b.c.1887) married John Dart (b.c.1879) – they are my great grandparents. John’s father was John Moniz Dart (b.c.1844), who was married to Mary Stephens (b.c.1842); both died in 1918 in Nasik, near Bombay. We don’t know where they were born. They describe themselves as English on documents. There must be a Portugese / Goa link through the Moniz name – does anyone know of a John Moniz Dart??? Or a Moniz – Dart marriage in the late 1700s / 1800s? He might have been given the Moniz name after a grandmother or grandfather. John Moniz was in the British Civil Service, Indian Railway and Salt Company. Ended up as Superintendent of Pechey-Phipson San at Nasik, which was where he died. The Walker / Hoogewerf side were very wealthy and educated. All seem to be in legal / journalism (editors).


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Elizabeth "Betty" Pire, nee Pereira, London, England
Email: epires@investcorp.com
Date submitted: Wed, 20 Jul 2005
Surnames: Pereira, Luis, Lewis, Corte-Real
Comments: I am trying to put a family tree together for my family. My father Cyril Pereira was born in Bombay, India in 1926. His father, my grandfather, was Romaldo Pereira? Roumaldo? Romaldho?--(Not sure of correct spelling) who came from Cunchelim in Goa but the family was originally from Tivim in Goa and migrated to Cunchelim, the nearby village. Not sure where he was born. Could have been Goa or elsewhere. He died very young. He married Maria Sophie Luis/Lewis Corte-Real (my grandmother) from Corlim in Bardez. The family name was Luis/Lewis and "Corte-Real" was a title which was used as a family name. I believed they were married in 1924 or thereabouts. Not sure if they were married in Goa or Bombay, but I think Goa. Would appreciate any information anyone has to help me find my family tree. Thank you. Betty Pires.

Lara-Mia Keyser de Cruz, (no location submitted)
Email: bronte68@hotmail.com
Date submitted: Sat, 05 August 2006
Surnames: de Cruz
Comments: We are trying to trace the origins of BENJAMIN DE CRUZ, my great grandfather. We believe he came from Goa but moved his wife and children to Singapore. His son (my grandfather) ANCEL DE CRUZ was born in 1898 but we don't know if he was born in Goa or Singapore. ANCEL went on to marry ANNA GLADYS SHELLEY (daughter of ALICE nee Sims SHELLEY) in the 1920s and lived in Penang and Singapore. My mother OLGA MARGUERITA MARIE DE CRUZ was born in Penang in 1937. Any information would be gratefully received. Thank you - LARA-MIA KEYSER DE CRUZ.

Joan Azariah, (no location submitted)
Email: joan_azariah@yahoo.com
Date submittted: Sun, 27 Aug 2006
Comments: I am trying to trace my family tree on my father's side. My Dad's name is Antonico Jose Satiro Trindade born on 12th January 1924 in Aldona, Goa. His father's name was Romualdo Aleixo Trindade, born in Aasnora, Bardez Goa. He subsequently took up residence in Ranoy, Aldona. My grandfather was married to Fulgencia Luiza Pinto Trindade. My grandfather's father's name was Antonio Trindade and mother's name was Preciosa Trindade (maiden surname unknown). My grandfather Romualdo Aleixo Trindade worked in Peshawar and expired in Peshawar (date not known). He had a brother whose name was Aniceto Trindade. I would like to know if there are any relatives in Portugal with the surname Trindade. Thank you

Keith d'Souza, Mumbai, India
Email: s_ouza@hotmail.com
Date submitted: Mon, 13 Nov 2006
Surnames: D'Souza, de Souza, Rodrigues, Nazareth, Braganza
Comments: My name is Keith Valerian Noel D'Souza aka "Keith". My paternal grandparents were Anrdre Avelino Simao Jose DeSouza (Anjuna - Goa) and Maria Christalina Rodrigues (Saligao - Goa). Great-Grandmother was Isabel Braganza from Siolim, Goa. My maternal Grandparents were Carlos Euginio Fernandes and Maria Candidade Nazareth (Pilerne - Goa). Grandmother's Parents Antonio Joao Nazareth and Coceicao de Souza. Grandfather's parents Domingo Javel Fernandes and Anna Clara de Souza.

William Nazareth, Mangalore, India
Email: billnazareth@yahoo.com
Date submitted: Sat, 13 Jan 2007
Comments: I am a 4th generation Catholic. I could trace through church records in Mangalore my genealogy upto my great grandfather. I understood from my father that our ancestors were Hindus from Goa and that they were converted to Catholicism by the Portugese. Their original surname was 'Shenoy". After conversion they were sent to Mangalore. The place where they stayed in Mangalore was called 'Shenoykodi' in Permude. However, my research is only upto the records available in the church at Mangalore. There is no record available in Mangalore of the birth of my great grandfather. I could only assume that he was born in Goa. I would be really grateful if somebody who has any knowledge of the Nazareth/Shenoy genealogy, or as to where this information would be available, to let me know.


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Richard Savio P De Souza, United Kingdom
Email: r.desouza@hotmail.co.uk, the.desouza.family@gmail.com
Web page: http://moirafamily.tribalpages.com/
Date submitted: Sun, 16 Sep 2007 (updated 25 Mar 2009)
Surnames: Carrasco, Correa/Correia, Da Costa, Da Cunha, De Andrade, De Athayde, De Faria, De Mello, De Nazare/Nazareth, De Noronha, De Sa, De Souza/Sousa, Ferrao, Figueira, Lobo, Mascarenhas, Menezes, Pereira, Vellozo, Viegas
Villages: Moira, Guirim, Sangolda, Anjuna, Aldona, Mapusa, Siolim (all Bardez, North Goa) and Piedade (Ilhas)
Comments: Above I have listed mostly the surnames of all my ancestors from North Goa that I've discovered so far and the villages. I also have some family tree detail for some from Anjuna and a tree for the Ferrao's from Aldona and Menezes' from Piedade.  I am primarily working on the genealogy of families from the village of Moira - and also for my maternal side Guirim/Sangolda and Carrasco's of Mapusa and de Souza's of Siolim. Visit my website and get in touch if you think you can help in my genealogical research. Thanks Richard

Stella Cristina Barreto Burkart, Mairiporã, São Paulo, Brazil
Email: stella.burkart@terra.com.br
Date submitted: Sun, 26 Oct 2008
Surnames: Mesquita, Rebelo, Costa, Barreto
Comments: I´m looking for my ancestrys in India. My grandfather Paulo Caetano Barreto was born in Verna, Goa, India, in 19-02-1897. His parents was Estela Maria Mesquita and Anselmo Fidelis Barreto. He has 1 brother - Nicolau Barreto and 3 sisters: Honorata, Henriqueta and Irene. In 2000, "Fatima da Costa," try to contacts us. She´s probably Nicolau grandaughter, but her email is not valid anymore. I appreciate any help. tks

John Nazareth (no address submitted)
Email: jhr_nazareth@hotmail.com
Date submitted: 25 Jan 2009
Surname: Nazareth, Nazare, de Nazareth, de Nazare
Village: Moira, Goa
Comments: I am interested in connecting up with people of surname Nazareth (or Nazare, de Nazareth, de Nazare) from the village of Moira, Goa who are working on their genealogy. I have been doing this for a number of years and have a significant list going back to 1755. Please contact me by email.

Lynnette Jenkins, Francistown Botswana
Email: ell-jay@hotmail.com
Date submitted: 20 Mar 2012
Location: Goa
Surname: da Costa
Comments: Trying to trace more information about my maternal grandfather Francis Xavier Da Costa who was born in Goa.  He met and married Suzanna Van Niekerk in Port Elizabeth South Africa and had a daughter, (My mum’s mum, my grandmother) Josephine Johanna Da Costa.  In Goa they had a friend by the name of Gaetano. Any help would be appreciated.  Thank you

John Helekunihi Duke, 2156 Sunrise Drive, Eagle Mountain, Utah 84005
Email: jduke@dcdi.net
Date Submitted:  30 October 2012
Location: Goa, India
Surname:  Fernandez(s)
Comment:  My great g-grandfather Peter Fernandez(s) was born in Goa, circa 1812. In 1849, at the age of 37, he came to Hawaii and opened up a very successful restaurant.  He died in Hawaii in 1892. He adopted children from my great g-grandmother's previous marriages and had some of his own. I want to know who his parents were and more about his life in Goa from 1812 to 1849. Did he own a restaurant in Goa?

Hemmington Mwanza ( Ribeiro de Fonseca), Indianapolis, Indiana, USA
Email:  Hemmington.Mwanza@gmail.com
Date submitted: 9/21/2013
Location: Goa, India
Comments:  I am searching for information about my great grand father Jose Vicente Ribeiro de Fonseca who came from Goa circa 1800 to Mozambique and settle in what is now Zimbabwe.  I would like to know if there are people in Goa who share the same name as my great grand father Jose Vicente Ribeiro de Fonseca.  Any help in putting the pieces to this puzzle together is greatly appreciated.

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