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Last update: 1 June 2008

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Fogo Entries:

Genealogists who only know their ancestors came from somewhere in Fogo, Republic of Cabo Verde:

Raymond Gomes, 12 Keel Way, Hyannis, MASS, 02601, U.S.A.
Email: rgomes@capecod.net
Date submitted: before 1998
Village: unknown
Surnames: Gomes, Monterio, Roderick, Pena.
Comments: When going through death, marriage and birth records, I found that my grandparents on both sides came from Brava. I was under the impression that my grandmothers came from Brava and my grandfathers came from Fogo. The surnames of my grandmothers are Pena and Monterio. My grandfathers are Gomes and Roderick. It is hard to get exact information because of American spelling of Cape Veredan names are spelled wrong on town records.

Belmiro José Barros, (no address submitted)
Email: Zluvdr69@aol.com
Date submitted: before 1998
Region: Cape Verde Islands
Island: Fogo
Village: Bahila ?
Parish: Unknown.
Surnames: DeBarros, Pina Cardoza
Comments: My great-grandfather is DeBarros. My great-grandmother is Maria/Marian Pina Cardoza I am looking for a copy of my grandfather's birth cert. He was born Feb 6, 1917 Belmiro José DeBarros in Fogo. My great-grandmother & grandfather immigrated to the United States of America in May 1922. My grandfather later changed our sir name to Barros from DeBarros.I am looking for any detail about my family or village history. Thank you for your time and consideration on this matter. Sincerely, Belmiro José Barros III

Gloria Willoughby, Bakersfield, CA, USA
Email: Willoks@MCI2000.com
Date submitted: Wed, 24 Jun 1998
Surnames: Pina, Depina, Barros
Comments: I am looking for any information on Frank Pina born Oct. 15, 1885-9 to Bras Pina and Rita D. Barros. They are from the Cabo Verde Islands, Fogo and are Portuguese. They also had a son named Manuel Pina. There is also a cousin named Emygdio Depina born in 1882 who came to Bakersfield, California with Frank. I also know there are relatives in Massuchusetts that they would correspond with. Any information would be greatly appreciated.

Danielle(Alves)Oliveira, Fall River, MA, USA
Email: dansteve@ici.net
Date submitted: Mon, 17 Jan 2000
Village: Fogo,Brava
Surnames: Lobo,Pina,Baptista,Encarnacao
Surnames: Levi,Alves,DeMelo,DeAndrade,Rose
Comments: My greatgrandfather, Manuel Lobo Pina, son of William Pina and Pauldinha? was from the island Fogo. He had a nickname "nene de sharp". He was born on Sept. 29, 1897. He came to New Bedford, MA on a boat in 1911. He married Mariana Baptista Encarnacao from Brava parents of Joseph Encarnacao and Maria Baptista. It is not know if they were married before or after arriving in New Bedford. Mariana was quoted as saying that the boat she was on arrived on the 4th of July in New Bedford, and they were quarantined on the boat because they needed physicals and no one was working that day due to the holiday.

Diana Edwards, (no address submitted)
Email: seaside_diana@hotmail.com
Date: Mon, 21 Feb 2000
Comments: I am interested in finding information out about where my father is from. He died quite a few years ago but I know very little about him and his past. When he died I was given some papers that belonged to him. My children would like to know something about where he is from but I can't really find anything about the particular area or if we have relatives there. I have some letters written by a Maria Socasso Rodrigues, from Pigurrho(?) Fogo that were sent in 1976 but they are all in Portuguese so I can't read them. I also know he was born on September, 20, 1897 in RIBEIRA DO ILHEU in the parish of NOSSA SENHORA DA AJUDA. His mother was Avelina Alves. She died in 1921 and her parents were Faustino Alves and Feliciana Lopes. It is rumored that he was raised by an aunt and uncle until he immigrated to New Bedford Mass, USA. He was on the schooner (4 masted) WM H TRAPP out of Fogo on or about June 5th 1921 (a Sunday). Does anyone know anything about his family? Please let me know. Thank You.

Priscilla (Correia) Smith, (no address submitted)
Email: pvsmith@prodigy.net
Date submitted: Mon, 20 Nov 2000
Comments: I am looking for relatives from Fogo, Cape Verde Island. My fathers name was Joseph (jose) Correia, he came to this country in 1917, on the schoner "Diana", his fathers name was Braz Correia and was living in Marion, Mass, my fathers also had two brothers Manuel and Edwardo, from what I have learned Manuel lived in Calif., and they had quite a few children, I have found first cousins in Mass. and I acquired a lot of information from them. My father married my mother her name was Rosa De Jusus, born in Prov., R.I. Any information will be greatly appreciated, I am searching my family tree. Thank You.

Michel Henri KOKRA, (no address submitted)
Email: mkokra@yahoo.com
Date submitted: Mon, 3 Sep 2001
Surname: Pina
Comments: My grand-mother, Maria Da Graca DA PINA is from the Island of Fogo. According to some informations, there is only one DA PINA family in Fogo, and I would like to get as much informations as possible in order to trace my genelaogy. Many thanks, Michel Kokra

Priscilla (Correia) Smith, (no adress submitted)
Date submitted: Thu, 12 Sep 2002
Surname: Correia
Island: Fogo, Cape Verde
Comments: I am looking for family in Fogo, Cape Verde Island. My father Jose Correia to Mass. in 1915 on the schooner "Diana". He arrived in New Bedford to live with his father Braz Correia. His mother's name was Maria Gensus. He had a brother named Eduardo, who has a son in Fogo that I think is a doctor. Any info will be greatly appreciated.Priscilla (Correia) Smith

Baptista (no address submitted)
Email: DukBw@aol.com
Surname: Alves Baptista
Island: Fogo
Date submitted: Tue, 5 Nov 2002
Comments: My family is looking for information regarding my mother's aucle John Alves Baptista. His parents were Marculino and Leopurdina Alves Baptista. Marculina was from Atalaia, Fogo and Leopuldina was from Brava. John Alves Baptista had 14 brothers and sisters whos names are as follow: Twins Bian and Didi, Nene, Linda, Nininha, Dudu (Olivia), Rosinha, Palmeira, Dirim, Tadji, Piquena, and two other brothers who died younger. If he is alive he is at least 90 years old. The family lost touch with him years ago.

Michael Barros, (no address submitted)
Email: Mike90005@aol.com
Date submitted: Sun, 1 Jun 2003
Islands: Cabo Verde, Fogo and Brava Islands
Surnames: Barros, Rodrigues, Gomes, Lomba, Silva
Comments (English): I'm researching my fathers ancesters from Fogo and Brava islands in Cabo Verde. My grandfather name was João Rodrigues De Barros. He was born on Fogo Island in CVI on June 15,1888 according to his Naturalization application. His Parents names were Antonio Barros and Rita Rodrigues. He had four siblings one brother named Avilino C. Barros and three sisters names unknown. He immigrated to the USA on SS Maria Luiza on June 1, 1911 and married Annie Gomes of Onset, MA on June 20, 1917 in Bridgeport, CT. Parents of Annie Gomes were João Gomes and Maria Lomba of Brava Island, Cabo Verde. I think they emmigrated around 1900-1901. The surnames belonging to our family from the islands are: Andrade, Barros, Silva, Mendes, Gomes, Lomba, Rodrigues. Most of our family settled in Boston, Ma New Bedford, MA Imperial Valley, CA Sacramento, CA. any help would be greatly appreciated.
Comments (Portuguese): Pesquiso os ancestrais do meu pai das ilhas Brava e Fogo em Cabo Verde. O nome do meu avô era João Rodrigues De Barros. Nasceu na Ilha do Fogo em CVI em 15 de Junho de 1888 de acordo com sua aplicação de Naturalização. Os nomes de seus pais eram Antonio De Barros e Rita de Rodrigues. Teve quatro irmãos, um irmão chamado Avilino C. De Barros e três irmãs de nomes desconhecidos. Imigrou para os USA no SS Maria de Luiza, no dia 1 de Junho de 1911 e casou com Annie Gomes de Onset, MA no dia 20 de Junho de 1917 em Bridgeport, CT. Os pais de Anna(Annie) Gomes eram João Gomes e Maria Lomba da Ilha Brava, Cabo Verde. Penso eles emmigraram ao redor de 1900-1901. Os sobrenomes que pertencem à nossa família das ilhas são: Andrade, Barros, Silva, Mendes, Gomes, Lomba, Rodrigues. A maioria da nossa família está em Boston, New Bedford, MA, Imperial Valley, CA Sacramento, CA. Qualquer ajuda será grandemente apreciada.

Jacqueline Santos Antepenko, (no address submitted)
Email: mpenko@msn.com
Date submitted: Sun, 23 Jan 2005
Surnames: coelho, santos, senteio
From: fogo, brava, rhode island
Comments: I am looking for family or anyone who has information on my family. My family came to america from fogo and brava early 1900's. I have more info, but im in the process of moving right now so I will add more asap. my great grandmothers name was Mary senteio (coelho maiden name) and was born november 16, 1907 and died december 20, 1994.she lives in east providence rhode island. her husband was John Senteio and died in 1983. Their daughter, Jenny Santo(maiden name senteio) is in her 70's and I still keep in contact with her. she married Antone Santos. John and Mary had other children. one son was chistopher who is called christy and one other son who died very early in life. any information you have may be helpful.

Cheryle Barboza, Iceland
Email: iree067@hotmail.com
Date submitted: Fri, 24 Nov 2006
Surnames: from Brava (da Lomba, Correia, Gomes, Tavares), from Fogo (Barboza, Gonsalves)
Comments: My grandmother Margaret Correia Gomes (Margarida) was born in Brava and came to New Bedford Ma in 1916 with her sister Elizabeth (Elisa). They came to meet their mother Eugenia Correia who came to New Bedford in 1913. Eugenia´s mother was Rosa da Lomba. I know that she had a brother Jose however do not know if there were other siblings. My grandfather Thomas Barboza came to New Bedford from Fogo in the 1900´s however do not know the exact year. Also, I am searching information on my fathers mother. Her name was Matilda Tavares born in Brava and came to the US in her teenage years. I am searching for any information on my relatives. Thank you.

Lynne Santos, (no location submitted)
Email: erinna@juno.com
Date submitted: Sat, 10 Mar 2007
Surnames: Santos, Gomes, Barbosa, Monteiro, Lopes, Alves
Islands: Brava and Fogo
Comments: My grandfathers name was Frank N. Santos(Natalhio) perhaps Francisco. He had to brothers named Peter(Pedro) and Mike(Miguel) and one sister that I don't know the name that was still in Brava. His fathers name was Jose Santos and mother Maria(Mary)Pina dos Santos. He was born July 24, l992-l884 and his sister had children on the island. He came as a kid with no schooling and was sent back and returned much later. The other was born on the island of Fogo as Joseph(Joas) Barbosa Monteiro on July, l892-l893, mothers name Leopoldina Alves father Joseph B. Monteiro,brother Domingo that also came with him, and was sent back for the same reasons as the other. Had his own business in Hyannis for many years and died in l976. Brother Domingo lived in New Bedford, Ma.

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