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Last update: 19 May 2014


Below is a map of the concelho and its parishes. You can click the map on each parish or use the links provided below.

Água Retorta Faial da Terra Nossa Senhora dos Remédios Povoação Furnas Ribeira Quente

[Água Retorta] [Faial da Terra] [Furnas] [Nossa Senhora dos Remédios] [Povoação] [Ribeira Quente]


Genealogists researching somewhere in the Concelho of Povoação (parish unknown):

José Luis Correa Machado, Rua Paranagua 192 Apto 102, CEP 86020-912, Londrina, Paraná, Brasil
Tel.: 043 3222734
Date submitted: Sun, 21 Mar 1999
Local: Ponta Delgada, ou Nordeste, ou Vila da Povoação
Comments: Meu avô: João Corrêa Machado Junior (* 11-2-1875 - + 11-12-1940), filho de João Corrêa Machado e Rosa Ricardo de Melo. Meu Bizavô: João Corrêa Machado, filho de Ignacio Machado da Costa e Joaquina Corrêa Machado.

Água Retorta

Genealogists researching in the parish of Nossa Senhora da Penha de França:

Jim Medeiros, 494 Slocum Rd., Dartmouth, MA 02747
Email: GoshawkJM@aol.com
Date submitted: before 1998
Surnames: Botelho, Feiteira, Furtado, Marques, Medeiros, Vieira de Medeiros, Vieira, Tabicas, Rapoza, Raposo Marques, Resende

Lisa Raffensperger, 95 Louise Drive Tiverton, RI 02878
Email: raffens@tst.tracor.com
Date submitted: Wed, 04 Aug 1999
Village: Povoacao
Surnames: Araujo, Ferreira, Pacheco, Rodrigues, Barbosa
Comments: I am searching for information of my Grandparents families. My Grandfather, Manuel Araujo was born in April 1896 in Sao Miguel and lived in the village of Povoacao. His father's name was Ludvico (Pacheco) Araujo who married Violente (Ferreira). He had 4 sisters, Mary Lopes, Rose Medeiros, Evangelina Terceira, and Esther Cabral (all married in the US). The family emmigrated to the US in March of 1912 through Ellis Island, NY and settled in Fall River, MA. Manuel Araujo married (in 1932 in Fall River, MA parish of St Anthony of Padua) Isabel Rodrigues of Rebeira Grande (born December 1902 of N. S. da Estrela (Matriz) parish) who had emmigrated to the US (port Ellis Island, NY) in November of 1911 with her mother Maria (Barbosa) Rodrigues, and her brother Frank Rodrigues. The Rodrigues family lived with their sponsor in Plymouth, MA before settling in Fall River, MA. Both families are said to have sailed on the (SS Canobe??) Closest actual ship pronunciation SS Canopic built in 1900 for the Dominion Line. No passenger lists for either family uncovered. Any information of living relatives in Sao Miguel would be greatly appreciated.

Neil Joseph Teixeira, P.O. Box 20812 Oakland, California 94620
Tel.: 510 658-9938
Email: n.teixeira@worldnet.att.net
Date submitted: Sun, 27 Aug 2000
Comments: My Grandfather-Manuel Bernard Teixeira was born 25-Jan-1902 in Ponta Delgada in the Church of Sao Jose. His Father was: Jose Teixeira (born 18 Oct 1880) of Agua Retorta in Povoacao on Sao Miguel. And his Mother was: Maria Santos (born 19 Feb 1882) of Angustias, on the island of Faial. I have traced this Teixeira/Nogueira line back to about 1600 in the town of Nordeste and the Church of Sao Jorge on Sao Miguel. My Grandfather-Manuel Bernard Teixeira and his two sisters:Mary & Evangeline. And his two brothers: Joseph & John....and their parents-Jose Teixeira & Maria Santos immigrated to Oakland, California in 1906. My Grandfather-Manuel Bernard Teixeira married Emily Rezente (born 25 Mar 1900 Honolulu,Hi) in San Jose, California in 1923. Emily Rezente,s Father was Jose Joaquim Resendes (born 17 Dec 1866) in Ponta Delgada in the Church of Sao Jose, on Sao Miguel. He married her Mother... Maria Da Gloria Carreira/Correia (born 10 Sep 1878 Sao Jose, Ponta Delgada, Sao Miguel) on 20 Aug 1893 in the Church of Saint Raphael in Koloa, Kauai, Hawaii. They had 6 children in Hawaii... then they moved to Oakland, Califorina around 1908... and had three more children in Oakland, California. I have traced Jose Joaquim Resendes/Rezente and Maria Da Gloria Carreira/Correia family lines back to... as far as the available records, go to. Their genealogy tree leads to several differant areas on Sao Miguel: Vila do Porta, Agua do Pau, Sao Sebastian, Ginetes, Villa Franca Do Campo and Santa Barbara on the island of Santa Maria. If any of this, looks famliar to you. And you think it can help you or help me. Please e-mail me.

Susan Group, San Mateo, CA
Email: sgroup@comcast.net
Date submitted: Fri Feb 9, 2007
Village: Agua Retorta
Surnames: de Medeiros, Pacheco dos Santos
Comments: I am looking for information regarding my grandfather's brother, Luiz Pacheco dos Santos, born 1892 in Agua Retorta. Parents were Manuel Pacheco dos Santos and Rosa de Jesus. Paternal grandparents were Jose Pacheco dos Santos and Maria Isabel d'Almeida; maternal grandparents were Henrique Resendes and Margarida da Conceicao. On October 19, 1912, Luiz married Virginia Julia de Medeiros. I have a photo of the family, taken in Ponta Delgada and dated 7/19/43. The photo shows four adult daughters and one young son and daughter. Luiz died September 5, 1944 in S. Pedro Ponta Delgada. He never came to the U.S. I would love to find out more information about Luiz' descendents. Thank you.

Faial da Terra

Genealogists researching in the parish of Nossa Senhora da Graça:

David Perry, 2898 Winchester Drive, Hayward, CA 94541
Email: judamd@aol.com
Date submitted: before 1998
Surnames: Medeiros Quarta, da Motta, Rebello, Simas.

Cynthia Nason, 206 Bayview Ave., Bristol, RI, 02809
Email: Cindynason@aol.com
Date submitted: before 1998
Surnames: Castro, Cavallo (Carvalho?), Gomes/Gomez.

Mario Thumudo, Pembroke, Massachusetts
Tel: 781.294.1850
Email: thumudom@gmail.com
Date submitted: 17 Jan 2014
Village: Faial da Terra, Sao Miguel
Surnames: Rezendes
Comments: Manuel Francisco de Rezendes, born around 1808 in Faial da Terra, and wife Anna Candida Moniz born around 1813 in Ribeira dos Tainhas, Vila Franca.


Genealogists researching in the parish of Santa Ana:

Randall Furnas, 150 Aurora St., Hudson, Ohio 44236
Email: RandyFurnas@oai.org
Date submitted: before 1998
Village: Furnas (probably)
Surnames: Furnas, Cambra.
Comments: We are searching for the ancestry of Joaquim Furnas, born on São Miguel in the late 1800s. We believe that his ancestors arrived on São Miguel from England in the late 1700s. We're looking for records to confirm or disprove that theory. Since there are many Furnas references on São Miguel (town, hot springs, lake) we feel that this must be the historic home- stead area of the Furnas ancestors.

Andrew Rapoza, 28240 Nancy Lane, Conroe, Texas 77385
Email: arapoza@ezh.com
Date submitted: before 1998
Surnames: Furtado, Furtado Quieto, Ferreira, Figueyra, da Costa Cabral, de Medeiros Cabral, Souza, de Mello, de Medeiros, Rebello
Comments: I have a drawing of the Santa Ana church; if you're interested, I'll send a photocopy. Also a history of these lines I wrote and sent to relatives from Massachusetts to Hawaii.

Anthony Branco, (no address submitted)
Tel.: (508) 679-3038
Email: anthonybranco@yahoo.com
Date submitted: Mon, 14 Jun 1999
Surnames in Furnas: Araujo, Branco, Dias, Melo, and Soares
Comments: This is where my grandparents lived after marriage, but he (Jose Dias Branco) was from Ribeira Grande and she (Francelina Melo Araujo) is from Ribeirinha. They married in SS Salvador do Mundo church in Ribeira Grande. How can I get more information of their parents and grandparents? Muito obrigado e boa sorte.

No name and address submitted
Email: MCASW37334@aol.com
Date submitted: Fri, 20 Aug 1999
Island: Furnas, San Miguel
Parish: Sant 'Ana
Surnames: de Melo, Cabral, Santos
Comments: I am seeking information on my grandfather's relatives from Furnas. My grandfather was Manuel Ferreira de Melo b 1894. His father was Manuel Francisco Ferreira de Melo and mother, Maria Santos. Came to the US with his father and went to Fall River, MA and then settled in Newport, RI. Believed to have a sister Maria. His grandparents were Manuel Ferreira de Melo and Mariana Cabral (paternal) and maternal were Joao Jacinto dos Santos and Francisca de Jesus. Godparents, according to birth certificate were Agostinho Pacheco Elizardo and Mariana Julia de Conceicao. Any information would be appreciated.

Cindy Brown, 632 Almond Grove Ct., Chico, CA 95973
Tel.: (530) 342-5600
Email: cindyb@cmc.net
Date submitted: Wed, 20 Mar 2002
Village: Furnas, Sao Miguel, Azore Islands, Portugal
Names: Cabral, Costa, Ferreira, Furtada, Jordan, Medeiros, Moniz, Pimentel, Quieto, Souza, Vivyra, Viveiros
Comments: There are more but I wanted to get this much out. The two people that came from the Azores to the Hawaiian Islands were: Jacintho Ferreira, born 3 Feb. 1847. First wife: Maria Augusta Botelho died at twenty two. One son named Manoel. His second wife: Maria de Jesus Souza born: 11 June 1842. This was her second marriage also. One son from previous marriage, Manoel also. Neither one of the sons from their previous marriages were brought with them. No info on them. They came to the Hawaiian Islands on the English Ship "Abergeldie" on 2 March 1883. They left from the port town of Povoacao, Sao Miguel. They arrived in Honolulu, Hawaii on 10 May 1883 with their four children Maria, born 1872, Maria Josephine, born 1874, Joseph, born 1877, Filomena, born 1881. They settled in the village of Honomu, Hawaii. Jacintho died in 1909 and is buried in Hakalau, Hawaii. Thank you.

Elena Correia, (no address submitted)
Email: Elphie14@aol.com
Date submitted: Mon, 15 Jul 2002
Comments: My mother's sister Melania Soares Dutra has disappeared... we think she was murdered but don't know for sure... she also had 5 children who we would like to find... along with my mom. My mother's name is (Armanda Estrella Dutra Maiden name - married was Armanda Estrella Correia married at the time to Jose Neves Correia).. My mom's sister's (my aunt) name is Melania de Conceicion Soares Dutra (Maiden). They were both born in Furnas, San Miguel. Parents Sebastian Dutra, and Maria Soares Dutra. My mom currently lives with me in West Palm Beach, FL. My aunt, last we heard was living in Lisbon, Portugal. We need help to try and find her or the children. Any suggestions? Thank you.

Eileen Knoedler, (no address submitted)
Email: eknoedler@charter.net
Date submitted: Wed, 14 Aug 2002
Surnames: Pereira, de Lima
Comments: Searching for family for Manuel de Sousa (za) Pereira of Furnas, parents: Julio de Sousa Pereira married Antonia de Lima from Ribeira Quente - parents: Michael de Lima & Mary Rose Linhares-Born 1886. Manuel de Sousa Pereira & Antonia de Lima were married in New Bedford, Ma. on 10/1910. Manuel had a brother Lawrence of Fl. and 2 sisters, Cecilia and Mary Julia. Pereira name was changed to Perry. Any assistance would be of great help.

Nossa Senhora dos Remédios

Genealogists researching in the parish of Nossa Senhora dos Remédios:

Rick Franco, New Bedford
Email: rickfranco@rogers.com
Date submitted: Sun, 6 Apr 2008
Village: Lomba do Loucao
Freguesia: Nossa Sehnora dos Remedios, Povoacao, S. Miguel, Acores
Comments: Hello my Family is trying to trace our roots if you can help please send us an email.
Dad: Daniel Franco Vieira - Nov. 20, 1937,
Dad's father: Manuel Vieira,
Dad's mother: Maria da Conceicao Franco,
Dad's paternal grandfather: Manuel Vieira,
Dad's paternal grandmother: Maria Helena Ponte,
Dad's maternal grandfather: Agostinho Franco,
Dad's maternal grandmother: Maria Julia da Mota
All lived, died and are buried in the village as noted above with the exception of Dad's father, died in New Bedford and is buried in New Bedford Cemetery.


Genealogists researching in the parish of Nossa Senhora Mãe de Deus:

Sandy Sakai, 258 Kolekole Drive, Wahiawa, Hawaii, USA, 96786-2418
Email: sandy@hgea.org
Date submitted: before 1998
Surname: Lopes
Comments: Victorino Jose Lopes & his wife Mariana do Carmo de Melo came to Hawaii to work on the Sugar Plantations in the late 1800s.

Robert A. Runyan, 5371 S. Sumac Cir., Fayetteville, NC 28304
Tel.: (910)424-1440
Email: BobRuny-Fay@worldnet.att.net
Date submitted: before 1998
Surnames:Pacheco, De Jesus, Medeiros
Comments: I belive my greatgrand parents left the Island of Sao Miguel and the town of Povoação aboard the S.S. Monarch bound for Hawaii. My greatgrand fathers name was Manuel Pacheco and my greatgrandmothers name is listed as Francisca de Jesus , but I have known her as Medeiros. Any help would be greatle appreciated.

Rosemary da Silva, address not submitted, MA
Email: MaeAngel@aol.com
Date submitted: before 1998
Surnames: Amaral, Lima, Xavier.
Comments: My grandparents were born in the late 1800's in Povoacao, Lomba de Batao.(Joseph T. Amaral and Maria Xaivier Amaral) They moved to the USA about 1919. They returned to the island for about 9 years during the 1940's with their two daughters. They sold their land and returned to the USA in the 1940's. My grandmother had several siblings (ten, I think). My grandfather had a few brothers, one moved to Brazil.

Antone De Mello, (no address submitted) Marion, Ct.
Email: 1967@compsol.net
Date submitted: before 1998
Comments: Seeking information about Antonio Mello and his wife Mary Carvalho of Povoacao, Sao Miguel. Seeking information about Manuel Mederios and his wife Antonia Jesus of Vila Franca de Camp, Sao Miguel. My grandfather Carlos Mello aka Charles De Mello married Francesca Mederios in Plymouth Ma. on May 31, 1913 they than returned to Sao Miguel where my father Antonio was born in 1914. Carlos and Francesca returned to the U.S leaving my father behind in the care of his grandmother Antonia Jesus Medeios.

Mario Mendonca Serodio, 24 Shaw St, Apt. 603 Toronto Ont., Canada
Tel.: (416)345-8359
Email: MSerodio@aol.com
Date submitted: before 1998
Surname: Serodio
Comments: My mother was born in Nordest her surname is Mendonca which I know to be very common she later moved from Nordest to Povoação in the village of Lomba do Alcaide. Her first name is Maria. What I want to know is where did the Mendonca family originally come from and where they settled. My dad was born in Povoação he moved to same village as my mother. His first name is Jose and his surname is Serodio which is not a very common name on the island itself. I wish to know as well where the name came from and where did the family come from and settle.

Ernest Pacheco Medeiros,Jr., 12595 Cresthaven Dr., Groveland, Ca. 95321
Email: Ern@sunset.net
Date submitted: Wed, 08 Sep 1999
Village: Povoacao, Sao Miguel
Surnames: Medeiros,Pacheco & de Conceicao
Comments: I am searching the ancestry of my father: Ernest Pacheco Medeiros, born on Sao Miguel ( I believe in the village of Povoacao) on Oct.10.1902, he passed away on Oct.14, 1992. My grandfather, Mariano Pacheco de Medeiros, was born in the year 1866 (I believe on the island of Sao Miguel) and passed on in the year 1912. My grandmother, Mary de Conceicao Pacheco, was born in Brazil(town unknown at this time) in the year 1875 and passed on in the year 1957,(I believe) in the village of Povoacao. They raised a family, one girl & six boys listed as follows, Mary Pacheco Medeiros,born 1896, Julio Pacheco Medeiros, born 1898, Ernest Pacheco Medeiros,(father) born Oct.10.1902, Mariano Pacheco Medeiros, born 1904, Francisco Pacheco Medeiros, born 1906, Joseph Pacheco Medeiros, born 1908, Fernando Pacheco Medeiros, born 1910. The three oldest, migrated to the USA. My aunt Mary & Dad migrated to New Beford, Massachusetts. My uncle Julio migrated to Ohio, USA. I believe one of my uncle"s migrated to Brazil, (town unknown). The remaining uncle's, I believe lived in Povoacao. Uncle Francisco worked for the goverment, (I believe in the village of Povoacao). There is a very good possibility that I have cousin's that reside in the village of Povoacao. Any information would be greatly appreciated.

Pat Mello Sylvia, 7 Sagamore Drive South Dartmouth Ma.02748
Email: Blackice430@aol.com
Date submitted: Mon, 17 Jan 2000
Surnames: Cabral, Correia, Costa, Dias, Mello, Pacheco, Ricardo, Souza
Comments: Jacintho Pacheco Correia from Povocao, Sao Miguel, parish of Nossa Senhora Mae De Deus. His wife was Maria Ricardo. They had a daughter Cecilia, Ameilia, Hilda, Evelyn, Lepordina, and a son Joseph. Cecilia and Joseph came to the U.S, around 1908. Settled in New Bedford Massachuetts.
Manuel Cabral Mello(de Mello) - Sao Miguel. His wife Julia Raposa(step mother to his children) Augustinho, Manuel, and Maria. Came to the U.S. March 18, 1897, to Ellis Island, New York. Settled in New Bedford Massachuetts.
Joseph Souza - Sao Miguel.His wife Maria Dias. Children - Julio, Manuel, Joseph, Genevie, Christina, Anna, Antone, Constance. Came into Providence Town(I think) later settled in New Bedford Massachuetts.
I'm lookin for any information concerning the family of Cecilia Pacheco Correia. There also was the name Bandara. She lived in Povocao, Sao Miguel Azores. Attended Nossa Senhora Mae De Deus chuch she was born in 1890, I think and had a brother Joseph, a sister Ameilia, Evelyn, and Hilda. Her father was a sherpard. Cecilia came to America to Ellis Island around 1908,at the age of 16. She was accompied by her brother Joseph. Cecilia was married in New Bedford Ma to Augustine Cabral Mello. I would appreciate any information.

Delmiro Raposo, 908 Ambassador Drive, Hanford, California 93230
Tel.: (559)583-0835
Email: Delmiro@webtv.net
Date submitted: Sat, 10 Jun 2000
Comments: I lived in Lomba do Botao, Povoacao, in Sao Miguel. If you recognize my name please e-mail or write to me. I'd love to hear from you.

Robert Pinarreta, (no address submitted)
Email: robertp@mailroom.com
Date submitted: Thu, 28 Sep 2000
Surnames: Amaral, Mota
Location or origin of father: Sao Miquel, Povacao, Loba de buton
Comments: Dad came from Sao Miquel to Toronto in 1962 with family by plane. Left Portugal because grandfater didn't want son to fight for Portuguese colonies that were not on mainland Portugal. Bought a house and helped may many family and friends with shelter etc.. until they got established.

Steven, Massachusetts, USA
Email: Steven13a@aol.com
Date submitted: Mon, 23 Apr 2001
Comments: My name is steven and I'm from Massachusetts. My maternal grand parents were from soa miguel from the village POvacao. My grandfathers name was Augustinho Botelho he was born in 1913. His wife was maria adelide from the same village born in 1911 her maiden name was Ferriera and her mothers maiden name was aroujo. My granfather was the last of 10 siblings and his mother was 51 when she gave birth and died soon after. He had an older sister whos married name was rapoza who lived in new bedford. She moved here in the late 1800's and worked in new bedford. She immigrated to the counrty when she was fifteen. My granfather was not yet born. They met for the first time here in america years later. He was in his fifties and she was in her eighties. This was in the 1970's. I was not even born. My mom knows very little about her parents because she was the youngest child and her parents were old when she was born and both her parents were the youngest so many her aunts and uncles were dead by the time she was born. If these surname are fimiliar to anyone email would be appreciated.

Ralph Severson, 67 Martha Road Orinda, CA 94563
Tel.: (925)254-1679
Email: ralph@severson.org
Date updated: Thu, September 09, 2004
Surnames: Couto, Couto Pereira, Pereira
Comments: Primary names of direct line ancestors are Pereira and Couto. Earliest verified ancestor is Antonio do Couto Pereira, baptized 12 Dec 1693 at N.S. Mae de Deus; parents listed as Mathias Pereira and Maria do Couto.

Ribeira Quente

Genealogists researching in the parish of São Paulo:

Lani Martins, 26312 Los Alamitos Avenue, Laguna Hills, CA 92653
Email: drlani@pacbell.net
Date submitted: before 1998
Surnames: Josepha, Lazaro
Comments: Migrated to Hawaii

Mariana Blanchard, Wset Warwick, Rhode Island
Email: iam_juicyfruit@yahoo.com
Date submitted: Sat, 6 Mar 2004
Place: Rebeira Quente
Surname: Tiburcio
Comments: need info on the name Tiburcio (my maiden name). My father's name was João Tiburcio, my mother's name is Maria Gilda Pimentel and her mother was Herminia Rita.

Deborah Souza, 63 Bullock Road E. Freetown, Ma. 02717
Tel.: 508-763-8134
Email: girlofbermuda@aol.com
Date submitted: Fri, 26 Oct 2001
Comments: My great-grandfather's name is: John Inacio Lima. He married: Mary Flores Lima. He came from the village: Rebeira Qeunte, Sao Miguel. They had 4 children in New Bedford, Ma.: Mary, Adelina, Francelina, and John in order of birth, but moved back to Sao Miguel and had more children: Antonio, Lebania, Abel, Norbina, Aura, and Gloria. I'm told they were married in Taunton, Ma. but I don't know what year. Please list my info and anything you might know. Thank you.

Eileen Knoedler, (no address submitted)
Email: eknoedler@charter.net
Date submitted: Wed, 14 Aug 2002
Surnames: Pereira, de Lima
Comments: Searching for family for Manuel de Sousa (za) Pereira of Furnas, parents: Julio de Sousa Pereira married Antonia de Lima from Ribeira Quente - parents: Michael de Lima & Mary Rose Linhares-Born 1886. Manuel de Sousa Pereira & Antonia de Lima were married in New Bedford, Ma. on 10/1910. Manuel had a brother Lawrence of Fl. and 2 sisters, Cecilia and Mary Julia. Pereira name was changed to Perry. Any assistance would be of great help.

Donna Couto, Sydney, Australia
Email: dmcouto@hotmail.com
Date submitted: Thu, 3 Jul 2003
Surnames: do Couto, Pinheiro (Pico da Pedra), Leite (Ribeira Quente), Calheta (Vila Franca do Campo) Comments: I was born and raised in Canada. My parents and paternal grandparents immigrated to Canada in 1970. My father is from Pico da Pedra and my mother is from Vila Franca do Campo. I would appreciate any information.

Bernadette Martins, 111 Wili Wili Street, Hilo, Hawaii
Email: Plantation_Child@att.net
Date submitted: October 6, 2010
Locations: Achada & Ribeira Quente, Sao Miguel
Surnames: Cabral, Rodrigues, Correia, Benedito, Lazaro, de Freitas
Comments: My maternal-great-grandparents: Joao Cabral born in Achada, Nordeste, San Miguel February 1853. Married in Povoacao Ribeira Quente, San Miguel on February 14, 1876 to Maria Josefa. Father: Manoel Cabral. Mother: Maria Correia. Migrated to Hawaii on the SS Bell Rock on Nov. 1, 1883 with children Jose, age 7, Maria, age 4 (my maternal grandmother) and Anna, age 1 ½. Maria Josefa was born in Ribeira Quente, San Miguel on January 21, 1855. Father: Francisco Antonio Lazaro. Mother: Maria Josepha. My maternal grandmother, Maria Cabral, married Francisco Rodrigues. Francisco Rodrigues (my maternal grandfather) was born in Boaventura, Santa Quiteria on Oct. or Nov. 1, 1877 or 1878. Father: Francisco Rodrigues. Mother: Carolina Maria de Jesus born 1853. Migrated to Hawaii on April 4, 1895 on the SS Braufels which left Oporto and Ponta Delgada on Feb. 1895. His siblings’ names were Philobina, Diolinda and Manuel. My maternal great-grandmother: Carolina Maria de Jesus born in Boaventura, San Miguel to Manuel Caldeira Benedito and Carolina Maria de Jesus. My paternal grandmother: Emilia de Freitas Rodrigues was born on December 25, 1889 in Marsamedes, Angola, Africa but lived in an orphanage (Asilo de Mendicidade a orfaos in Funchal, Madeira) with her sister who was blind. Mother: Julianna de Freitas. She migrated alone from the orphanage to Hawaii on June 27, 1907 on the SS Kumeric to meet her cousin, Juliana Agusta de Frietas and Manuel Andrade.

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